Snorting Condoms

When I read about the kids that are snorting condoms, I had to think about the test pilot. I don’t know what else to call him/her. There had to be a first. Someone had to test it to see if it was ok for everyone else. There had to first be an idea (I want to snort something up my nose and make it come out my mouth.) Then there had to be a “What” statement. (What can I put my nose to make this work? Maybe a shoestring, a small bit of rope, a rubber tube perhaps. No, I got it, I’ll try a condom.) Then there had to be a partner. (Who can I trust to take my picture if this is successful? He or she must be trustworthy, and dumb enough to let me go through with it.) Then to top it off, there had to be a following, a reason to try it. Was it a challenge, a dare, or maybe just a need to prove one’s self?
I have to believe the first person to try this is somehow related to the first person to wonder what it would be like to stuff a gerbil up their butt


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