Healing Summer

Early this summer, things took a turn. Feeling pain in my chest, I went to the emergency room at the hospital here in Searcy. After tests, and a heart cath, it was determined that I needed open heart surgery, and soon.
Before I had time to think about it, I went to St. Vincent Heart Hospital in Little Rock, where I was shaved bare and sent to a cold, stainless steel room, full of staff, scurrying around, making preparations for what was to come.
That was seven weeks ago, and I’m far from fully functional. My heart is fine, but tiny blood clots made their way to my brain, causing me to have issued with concentration, and memory. I’m told that it should pass within six months, so please bear with me. The Crew is not gone, just relaxing after a tough mission.
My love to you all.
James Gabel

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